Our Story

Our passion is to create the very best portable, Bluetooth speakers on the market. Our reputation for building highly fashionable, yet powerful mini speakers has allowed the Rokono name to become associated with quality and performance.

Derived from the phrase to ‘Rock-On’ our name encapsulates everything that we love about music. From pumping base lines to symphony sounds, our mini speakers are designed to give you a listening experience like no other Bluetooth portable speaker. 
Being able to share music with our friends and families is something that can build bridges and forge friendships that last a lifetime and we want to give you the power to do that anytime, anywhere with our portable mini speakers.

We designed our mini speakers to be compact enough for you to take them on your travels both here and abroad, and yet also stylish enough to be used as a piece of furniture in your home. But we’re not just all about great design, although there is something to suit every taste, we want to make the listening experience as enjoyable as possible. For this reason we invest our time heavily in designing technology that can adapt to your listening habits such as different equalising modes depending on the music you’re listening to.

When designing our speakers we also take practicality into consideration by including elements such as dust and waterproof casings and rechargeable power supplies. It means our speakers are comfortable being used on the beach, by the pool or indoors, in fact wherever you want to listen to your music, now you can with a Rokono mini speaker. 
This is just the start of our music tour and we hope you’ll get as much pleasure from listening through our devices than we do from creating them.