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Rokono RSE-160 True Wireless Earbuds

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Rokono RSE-160 Wireless Earbuds with Portable Charging Case

Top Quality Sound
Rokono RSE-160 earbuds bring your music to life with fantastic sound and bass. Don’t miss a beat of your favourite tunes or a word of your podcasts and phone calls.

Wireless Connection
Say goodbye to tangled headphone cables: Rokono earbuds are completely wireless and connect to your devices instantly with the latest Wireless 5.0 technology. A 10m operating range means you’ll never lose the connection.

Solo Mode
When you need to stay aware of what’s going on around you, use just one of your Rokono earbuds to make phone calls on the go or listen to your playlists.

Snug Fit
Rokono earbuds are exceptionally lightweight and comfortable, and you can rely on them to stay securely in your ears even when you’re out running or working out in the gym. Choose from three soft silicone tips (small, medium and large) to get the perfect fit.

Portable Charging Case
Take the portable charging case with you and you’ll have up to 15 hours’ playback time (7 hours playback per 1 to 2-hour charge). Just pop the earbuds back in the case and they’ll automatically disconnect from your phone and switch off while they charge.

iOS Icon Charging Indicator
You’ll never have to wonder how much charge you have left thanks to the handy iOS charging indicator.


    Tech Specs

    Bluetooth 5.0

    Graphene Audio Drivers

    Built-in rechargeable battery


    Care Instructions